Step 6: Auto Insurance Reimbursement

  • To receive Auto Insurance Reimbursements you must meet the following criteria:
    • Valid Driver’s License
    • 6 Hours Behind the Wheel Training Completion Certificate
    • Enrolled in Keys to Independence
    • In a Licensed Placement (EFC qualifies only if you are in a licensed placement)


  • If you are aged 15-20.99, you reside in a Residential Group Home, and you do not own your own vehicle, you may be eligible for a prepaid policy with our underwriting partner.  Contact us at 321-441-2060 or for more info


  • If you reside in a Foster Home or and/or own your own vehicle, the program will reimburse 100% of the cost of your individual policy at the interval you pay your bill (monthly, semi-annually, quarterly, annually, etc.).


  • To process the initial Auto Insurance Reimbursement you must provide:
    • Copy of the Declaration Page of the Policy showing:
      • Name of Insurance Policy
      • Coverage amounts
      • Youth’s name
      • Youth’s portion of insurance cost
      • Policy Number
    • Proof of Payment for the period a reimbursement is requested for
    • A Reimbursement Request Form


  • Auto Insurance Reimbursements are processed the same business day that required documentation is received; failure to submit all required documentation will result a delay of your reimbursement.


  • The Declaration Page is only required for the first reimbursement and when a new policy coverage year begins.