Will a foster parent be charged more on their insurance if they have a foster child who is learning to drive with a learner’s permit?

No.  The Florida Statutes 627.746 prohibit insurers from charging foster parents more for their car insurance for a foster child who has a learner’s permit.  Once the foster child gets a driver’s license, then the insurance companies can and will charge.  The Keys to Independence program was created to cover this increase in insurance cost for the foster parents.  All foster children in Florida who are planning to get a learners permit should enroll in the Keys to Independence program to ensure reimbursement can be processed if a foster parent decides to cover a youth on their insurance.​

*Florida Statutes 627.746 does not apply to relative and non-relative caregivers.

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Will a foster parent, case manager or authorized representative of a residential group home who signs the foster child’s application for a learner’s permit assume any obligation or be liable for any damages?

No.  Although DMV personnel at your local office may say that the adult co-signer assumes responsibility for the negligence of the youth, Florida Statutes 322.09(4) exempts licensed foster parents of a minor, an authorized representative of a residential group home at which the minor resides or the caseworker at the agency from assuming any obligation or liability for any damages by signing the application.​

*Florida Statutes 322.09(4) does not apply to relative and non-relative caregivers.

A youth under the age of 18 must present an insurance policy when filing for their driver’s license application and must choose from one of three options:

Foster Parents
1. A caregiver must add the youth living in their home to their own insurance policy. Getting a separate policy for a minor living in your household will result in the caregiver’s policy being assessed for the minor; K2I cannot reimburse for a youth on two different policies.

They may apply for reimbursement or prepayment of the difference in the cost of adding the youth to their policy

2. For reimbursement, follow the steps under REIMBURSEMENTS and be sure to include a copy of your Declarations Page, Proof of Payment, and written documentation for the insurance company stating the cost of adding the youth to your policy.

3. For prepayment, contact INFO@KEYSTOINDEPENDENCEFL.ORG to arrange for a three-way call with your insurance company. K2I will pay for the youth’s cost of insurance directly to your insurer over the phone. Please be advised that you will be required to provide a Declaration and Proof of Payment to K2I with 1 business days of payment.