What expenses are reimbursable?​

The intent is to provide financial support for as many youth as possible. Funds are limited and will be reimbursed on a first come first served basis. Limits are per enrolled youth:

  • Learner’s License Fee – Actual cost
  • Driver’s License Fee – Actual cost
  • Testing Fees – Actual cost
  • Tax Collector’s Fee – Actual cost when paid with other allowable expenses
  • 4-Hour Traffic Law & Substance Abuse Course – Actual cost
    • 3rd party courses subject to approval
  • Driver’s Education Course – Actual cost for:
    • 6 hours behind the wheel lessons
    • Road test package
  • Auto Insurance – Actual cost for youth portion of insurance only
    • Minors: Actual cost
    • 18-18.5 years old: Actual cost, 6 months insurance
    • Extended Foster Care: Actual cost, 6 months insurance
    • Post Permanency: Actual cost of insurance up to 6 months from court ordered date of permanency
    • PESS: Actual cost of 1 month or minimum amount required to activate insurance, whichever is lowest.
  • Auto Insurance Deductible – $1,000 limit

If you are requesting reimbursement for insurance, please note the following eligibility requirements, per Florida statute:

  • Youth completed behind the wheel lessons/driver’s education
  • Youth holds an active driver’s license
  • Youth is actively enrolled in K2I

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