Driving Success Stories

Hear from teens and caregivers who have transformed their lives with Keys to Independence. Our Driving Success Stories feature inspiring accounts of those who have overcome obstacles, gained their driver’s licenses, and discovered newfound freedom and independence. Explore their journeys and see how our program can make a difference in your life.

Because of this program, and only because of this program, our twins not only have their driver’s license, but they have their owns cars, and I cannot overstate how much this positively impacts their lives” Because of this program, my girls can experience the independence and freedom that “normal” kids have when they get to pick up their friends and go to the mall, to a movie, or just out to lunch. I can confidently say that the Keys to Independence program has been the single greatest support program when it comes to fostering teenagers, who are the most underserved kids in the system.

Darlene Rogers

Licensed Foster Parent

K2I assists our youth, many of whom wouldn’t have this wonderful opportunity to obtain their permit or license if not for the program, achieve teen normalcy. Nearly all of our kids come from such difficult home situations that an independence living skills such as driving may not have been prioritized. Because of this program, our youth are able to feel “normal” like the other teens at their school. Just three of the tangible benefits include: teens feeling a sense of competence while learning to drive, teens participating in the car-buying process, teen driving themselves to school, work or other activities.

Frank Avilla

Director of Career Pathways to Independence at Hibiscus Children’s Village

I am very fortunate to have earned a license through the program, Keys To Independence in Florida. The program paid for two driver's ed courses, two tests for both my permit and my license, and supported me every step of the way. Had it not been for such a program, I would most likely have taken far too many more tests and failed, be unable to drive until I'm in my late 20s, and so much more.

Edward Grillo

Youth Experiencing Foster Care

Soon after we learned about the driving classes available through the Keys to Independence program, Gavyn was able to take the driving classes he needed in order to qualify for his driver’s license. We went to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and got his driver’s license soon after. We recently added him as a driver for my vehicle until he is able to get his own car, with the help of the amazing Jasmine and Lisa from K2I. Really, everyone we encountered in that program throughout the process has been incredibly helpful and made the process so easy for us!

Gavyn Hans & Ginny Borolov